Winter Care Package

Please support support Green America’s ambitious 2020 agenda to curb the climate crisis, protect people and their communities, reinvent the way food is grown, and grow the green economy. .

When you donate $150 or more to our Matching Gift Challenge, we'll send you:

• Travel backpack made from100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles from ChicoBag
• Chocolate bar
from Divine Chocolate; organic, fair trade
• Reusable bamboo utensil set
from To-Go Ware
• Snuggle socks
from Maggie’s Organics; wool, made-in-the-USA
• Lotion Bar
from Moon Valley Organics certified organic
• Set of reusable food wraps
from Bee’s Wrap; organic cotton and beeswax
Fair trade chewing gum from Glee Gum
• I’m A Green American Sticker
100% compostable and recycled

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