Winter Care PackagePlease support Green America’s ambitious 2024 agenda to curb the climate crisis, protect people and their communities, reinvent the way food is grown, and grow the green economy. 

When you donate $150 or more we'll send you:

• 10 Bean Soup Mix by Women’s Bean Project
• Organic, fair trade Chocolate Bar by Shaman Chocolate
• Wool Snuggle Socks, made-in-the-USA by Maggie’s Organics
• Handmade Soap, scented with essential oils, by Shima of Navajoland
• Organic Foot Salve by Badger Balm
• Soy wax Candle, scented with essential oils, by Bexar Soap Co.
• Stamps of the world blank Notecard by Mirrors Decorated
• Set of three reuseable Gift Wraps, by Seeds to Sew
• I’m a Green American Sticker, 100% compostable
Your donation will be DOUBLED until March 31st. 
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